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  • February 18, 2017

The role of the Hospitality Committee is to:

    • Lead in extending a warm and friendly attitude of hospitality to members of our church family and to our guests.
    • Lead in determining the organization, schedule, and approaches for using the kitchen facilities and fellowship hall to promote the fellowship of the church.
    • Assure that the kitchen is adequately stocked with equipment, supplies, and staple food items for the social events of the church.
    • Supervise periodic cleaning and organization of the kitchen and its contents.
    • Provide guidance through policies, schedules, and posted signs to groups and organizazations that use the kitchen facilities and fellowship hall.
    • Plan and oversee all church-wide fellowship meals and social events that are sponsored by the entire church.
    • Organize and direct the preparation of meals for associational meetings, visiting ministers, and special guests.
    • Communicate to the church body, through the church bulletin, pulpit announcements, and the church website, the details of an up-coming event and the need for their involvement.